BerntzonBylund is a highly result-focused strategic advertising agency. We take a long-term brand perspective in everything we do, so every initiative strengthens or builds a position, while simultaneously generating results. Our projects integrate visual identity, tonality, creativity and messaging, as well as specific activities, so that they work powerfully together. Our work is channel and platform independent. What we always focus on is the end-target group. One of our key strengths is our ability to work throughout an entire process from analysis and strategic development to implementation. We have a hypothesis-driven and iterative approach, and we are able to quickly adapt from strategy to activity and refine and develop concepts and ideas. We have our own production department, as well as film production and web production studios in-house: everything to ensure outstanding service and effective project management. Together with our sister agencies, Mindmakers PR, Socialminds and Wonderland Event, our team is 32 strong. Today, we work with a large number of clients in Sweden, the rest of the Nordics, and further afield. We have extensive experience from a wide variety of sectors and projects for, among others: Burger King, Sandvik Mining, Rejlers Ingenjörer, Schibsted Media Group etc.


We know that strong brands and effective communication make a difference – a big difference. They can change perceptions, increase sales and create stronger internal cultures within organisations. To succeed, you have to be honest and define the challenges you face. We attach great importance to planning and the insights of target groups. When we’re happy with what needs to be done, we have an extensive toolbox from which we can create the best possible mix of activities for a given project, and throughout an entire project process, from brand strategy, visual identity, conceptualisation to campaigns online, on TV, social media and PR.


BerntzonBylund has been ranked as one of Swedens top-agencies for a number of years. And the last two years we have won. Agency of the Year is based on interviews with swedish Marketing directors who are asked to rate a number of ciriterias, such as strategic skills, creativity, service, pricing etc. The survey is handled by analyze company Regi in cooperation with swedish daily business magazine Dagends Industri.

Our rankings:

2016/17: 2nd place (category 15-25 MSEK)
2015: Winner (category 15-25 MSEK)
2014: Winner (category 15-25 MSEK)
2013: 4th place (category 25-50 MSEK)
2012: 2nd place (category 15-25 MSEK)
2010: 4th place (category 8-14 MSEK)

(Categories are based on agency fees)

Burger King lanserar nytt koncept i Sverige

Burger King startades i Miami 1954 – och inte långt därefter föddes Whoppern. Sedan dess har det grillade nötköttet och made-to-order varit hemligheten bakom Burger Kings trogna följarskara. För att lyfta det amerikanska arvet med fokus på smak lanseras nu ett nytt kommunikationskoncept.

– Ibland är svaret inte längre bort än att ta en ordentlig titt på varumärkets historia, säger Hans Bylund, kundansvarig och CD för Burger King på BerntzonBylund. Burger King har varit den amerikanska grilltraditionen trogen genom alla år – och det ville vi lyfta fram igen.

– Vi vill förstärka Burger Kings passion för smak – och kombinera det med riktade priskampanjer tillsammans med ett lika nytt koncept för en yngre målgrupp, berättar Lina Nilsson, marknadschef för Burger King i Sverige.

– Samtidigt som vi går ut med den nya varumärkeskampanjen i TV lanserar vi ett antal filmer till en yngre målgrupp i playkanaler och YouTube.
Vi segmenterar målgrupperna och kommunikationen för att både lyckas sätta en övergripande ambition gällande Burger King och samtidigt nå den yngre målgruppen på ett relevant sätt, fortsätter Hans.

Varumärkeskampanjen startar i morgon torsdag på TV, och följs upp med bio.

Kampanjen i YouTube och Playkanaler löper parallellt.

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