Leos Lekland : Play, Fun and Learning

Play, fun and learning.
A fun client that loves play – and learning. For several years, we have helped Leo’s Lekland, a nation-wide chain of children’s activity centres, with their communication. From the outset, we wanted to have Leo the lion, the chain’s friendly lion character and logo, at the heart of our communication. We based our strategy on the realisation that the target group (children) who increasingly go to activity centres, live and interact with different types of characters: from TV programmes and apps, to collectable cards and physical toys.

Our theory also reflected the fact that while it is often parents who make the final decision on whether to go to an activity centre, it is children who decide on the choice of centre. To attract parents, we have worked logically with communication directed at them to enforce the idea that children have the chance to be highly active at these centres, as opposed to, for example, sitting at home in front of a screen.