Nordea : Sven Almost 100 Campaign

Leading Swedish pension provider Nordea Liv & Pension wanted to encourage more people to save for their pension, but how could we market something that only a few are interested in? Our research showed us that people are getting older and older, and healthier and healthier, with the number of 100-year-olds steadily increasing. At the same time, we saw that many people in the 30-45-year-old target group were not saving enough to have a pension that would last throughout their retirement.

Based on these insights, we asked the question: imagine if you reach 100 – will your pension last for your entire lifetime? We decided to highlight the case of Sven, almost 100 years old, for the answer. Through Sven, we explained how wonderful an active life can be when you are nearly 100.

With warmth and humour, we wanted to dispel the disinterest in pension saving. We produced a main film, (which was subsequently developed into several different versions). With a limited media budget, we decided to focus the campaign on social media and digital channels. Our bold and perceptive client had the courage to commit the entire project to these channels. A campaign site – 100å – provided visitors with further information. Carefully selected target groups, several versions of the main film, and continuous improvements delivered some fantastic results.