Sigma : 1000 jobs

Sigma, a leading IT consultancy, is growing rapidly. The market for IT projects is strong due to the rapid digitalization of various business processes as well as government functions. Employers are fighting for a relevant workforce and the challenge is to get hold of the right competence . The IT industry organisation ”IT & Telekom-styrelsen” stated that the industry needs 60 000 engineers over the next 3 years.

In order to secure competence Sigma wanted to increase their brand value in relevant target groups and become the preferred company to work for among engineers. They also wanted to raise awareness of the industry issue.

Together with our sister agency MindMakers PR, we created the concept ”1000 jobs”. The campaign was carried out across digital outdoor billboards, banners in DI (Dagens Industri), Teknikens Värld (Tech magazine) and in their own channels. Sigmas CEO Lars Kry presented the project on the campaigns landing page, along with the campaign manifesto, current job openings and more.

The result of our efforts, to name a few, includes various articles with a combined estimated reach of 9 000 000. Lars Kry’s participation in TV4s Morgonsoffa where he presented the ”1000 jobs” campaign and got to discuss, together with government officials, the lack-of-competency dilemma that his industry is facing. Sigma’s rating on the yearly company listing of ”most attractive companies to work for” by Universum for increased from position 92 to position 56!